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As Seen At TV Presents: Pearl Hair Remover - 30-Day Risk Free Trial Only $14.95 + S&H - Painless Hair Removal In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!  Tired of shaving every day? Pearl Hair Remover removes unwanted hair in the comfort of your home without the painful side effects of tweezing and shaving. This hair removal device uses a heat transfer method to crystallize and painlessly remove unwanted hair from face, chest, arms, legs, even the ladies' bikini lines.. Available here on http://www.AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com!
Pearl Hair Remover

30-Day Risk Free Trial Only $14.95 + S&H

Presented by AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com™
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As Seen At TV Presents: NoNo Hair - Free 60-Day Trial<br>100% Risk FREE (even your shipping will be refunded!) - The first professional hair removal treatment designed for use at home, no!no! treatments are easy to apply and pain-free. Instead of a razor blade or tweezers no!no! relies on a newly developed thermal technique that gently rids you of unwanted hair. As part of the Special TV Offer  you will have the convenience of a 3 installment payment plan. You will be initially charged 89.95 + a onetime shipping and handling fee of $14.95. In 30 days the same method of payment you use to make your purchase will automatically be charged the second of three payments in the amount of $89.95. In 60 days, you will be charged a final payment of 89.95 for a total of $284.90. Applicable taxes will be applied to orders from GA, NY & NJ. Canadian orders will also be subject to the appropriate sales tax. For orders to Canada an additional $10 fee applies to shipping and handling.   The full purchase of this product has a 60 day money-back guarantee.. Available here on http://www.AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com!
NoNo Hair

Free 60-Day Trial
100% Risk FREE (even your shipping will be refunded!)

Presented by AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com™
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As Seen At TV Presents: Finishing Touch Yes - $39.99 + Free Shipping - Say no to pain and say yes to painless hair removal with Finishing Touch Yes. The dermatologist recommended hair remover is safe and gentle to use on all skin types, without anymore nicks, cuts or irritation. The advanced sensa-light technology removes unwanted hair from head-to-toe instantly, so you can stop painful waxing, plucking or shaving. Available here on http://www.AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com!
Finishing Touch Yes

$39.99 + Free Shipping

Presented by AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com™
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As Seen At TV Presents: Miracle Hair Removal - Now Only $12.99 + Free Shipping - Tired of unwanted body hair? Try gentle Miracle Hair Remover. Effective remover goes on easy & won't burn or irritate sensitive skin. Then, in minutes, wipe away every trace of unwanted hair!  Now you finally have a solution that lets you achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home. You no longer need to hassle with the inconvenience of expensive and time consuming professional treatments.  Miracle Hair Removal's simple two step system is designed to be safe and gentle on sensitive skin.. Available here on http://www.AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com!
Miracle Hair Removal

Now Only $12.99 + Free Shipping

Presented by AsSeenOnTVHairRemoval.com™
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